Count on AQUACEL® Foam dressings to protect against skin breakdown caused by excess moisture and shear force.

AQUACEL® Dressings

Hydrofiber™ Technology

How Hydrofiber Works

The gelling action creates an optimal environment for healing wounds and minimizes the risk of infection.

Explore our product pages to find out more about how we’ve used Hydrofiber™ Technology to build a new generation of dressings.

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Hydrofiber® Technology in Action - An Introduction

DuoDERM® Dressings

Not all hydrocolloids are the same. Our family of DuoDERM® Dressings are designed to bring gentleness to wound management, to give patients peace of mind and to make your life easier.

DuoDERM® Dressings were the first to incorporate hydrocolloid technology.

DuoDERM® Products

Skin Care

A full line of soothing, high-quality skin care
products, designed for routine preventive care as
well as for compromised skin and skin subject to
adhesives. Our Aloe Vesta® and Sensi-Care®
products are designed to work together in
a simple 1-2-3 system:
1) Cleanse 2) Moisturize 3) Protect