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3-Step Skin Care System

Sensi-Care Skin Protectant Incontinence Wipe - 3 step together

Sensi-Care® Skin Protectant Incontinence Wipes are a 3-in-1 wipe that cleanse, moisturize, and protect the skin. The Sensi-Care® line of evidence-based1 skin care products is designed for sensitive skin or skin that is already compromised.

Sensi-Care® Skin Protectant Incontinence Wipes can be used with other products from the Aloe Vesta® and Sensi-Care® lines. These products work together to form a 3-step skin care system to help maintain total body skin integrity.

About Incontinence-associated Dermatitis

When inflammation or damage to the skin occurs in and around the perineum, perigenital area, buttocks and gluteal fold due to prolonged exposure to or contact with urine or stool, a condition called incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), can develop.2

It is estimated that IAD affects approximately 50% of individuals with urinary or fecal incontinence.2 While the exact
cause of IAD is not known, the risk factors believed to be responsible for resulting tissue damage include:

  • change in pH
  • activation of proteases
  • transdermal water loss
  • aging skin3,4,5

However, it should be noted, the age of the individual does not appear to be a risk factor for IAD.3,4,5

What is known is that the presence of urine and/or feces, and the resulting exposure to skin, makes the skin’s pH more alkaline. This causes an activation of proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes that can cause skin irritation and breakdown.6 Furthermore, once IAD occurs, the risk for pressure injury development is higher, and there is also an increased risk of infection and morbidity.7

Treating and Preventing IAD

It is important to identify individuals who are at an increased risk of developing IAD so that a timely prevention plan
can be implemented. Such prevention plans typically consist of three phases:

  • Cleansing the skin thoroughly
  • Using a skin moisturizer
  • Applying a skin protectant7,8,9

A skin cleanser containing a pH range similar to that of normal skin is recommended over traditional soaps. Patients
should be cleansed after each incontinent episode and have their skin assessed at least once daily but may be more
frequently assessed based on the number of episodes of incontinence.7 The skin should then be protected to prevent IAD.

Sensi-Care® Skin Protectant Incontinence Wipes—part of the Sensi-Care® line of evidence-based1 skin care
products—have a skin-friendly pH and have been designed to incorporate these cleanse, moisturize, and protect
phases into one convenient product with a gentle cleansing agent, moisturizers, and 3% dimethicone. Should IAD
occur, the 3% dimethicone in the wipes can help treat the skin.10