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Solutions® Algorithms for Skin and Wound Care Program

Solutions® Algorithms: A Unique Depth of Evidence

Solutions® Algorithms and a ConvaTec formulary have been studied in (8) peer-reviewed publications.

Solutions® Algorithms have been proven to be able to deliver positive clinical outcomes, which may help to:

  • prevent pressure ulcers
  • improve patient safety
  • empower physicians with better information
  • achieve better patient care at lower costs

Solutions® Algorithms are evidence-based and face-, content- and construct-validated.

Solutions® Algorithm for Pressure Ulcer Prevention program is referenced by the AHRQ, a department of Health and Human Services, as a proven technique that can help to enhance patient outcomes.

Solutions® Algorithms are the only validated wound algorithms accepted by the National Guideline Clearinghouse.

Take advantage of these other components in the Solutions® Algorithms Program:

Solutions® Algorithms Online In-Service
This tool will teach you how to use the algorithms and assess your competency on a variety of wound types.

3-Step Skin Management
We'll create a customized product formulary and train staff on their use.

Customized Wound Product Selection Guide
We'll create a customized ConvaTec product formulary and train staff on their use.

National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)