Wound Care Video Library

Wound Care Video Library

AQUACEL® Ag Advantage

Time to Upgrade to AQUACEL® Ag Advantage 
AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Mode of Action
AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Patient Testimonial
AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Patient Testimonial: Mike and Joy
AQUACEL® Ag Advantage HCP Testimonial
AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Application and Removal at Home

AQUACEL® Ag Surgical

AQUACEL® Ag Surgical Dressing Application After Total Knee Replacement
AQUACEL® Ag Surgical Dressing Application in Office
AQUACEL® Ag Surgical Dressing Assessment 
AQUACEL® Ag Surgical Dressing Removal

Hydrofiber® Technology Key Features

Hydrofiber® Technology Introduction
Hydrofiber® Technology Key Features - Locks in
Hydrofiber® Technology Key Features - Contours
Hydrofiber® Technology Key Features - Responds

Hydrofiber® Technology in Action Videos

Hydrofiber® Technology - Wicking Test
Hydrofiber® Technology - Sequestration Test
Hydrofiber® Technology - Intimate Contact Test