Ostomy Care Video Library

Ostomy Care Video Library

What is me+™?


Get an inside look at the me+™ program by viewing this short video.

me+ is a support program designed to help you navigate life with an ostomy. Our goal is to make sure your ostomy needs are taken care of—so you can stop thinking about your stoma and focus on what really matters to you.

Introducing ESENTA™ Lubricating Deodorant

Introducing ESENTA™ Lubricating Deodorant 

By stopping ostomy odors and stool build up in the pouch, ESENTA™ Lubricating Deodorant, helps address two major concerns for people living with an ostomy, the fear of smell and the fear of leakage which can be caused when a skin barrier seal is comprised by stool buildup. Learn more about ESENTA™ Lubricating Deodorant from Tommy Matthews, a bladesmith living with a colostomy and urostomy who is living a life filled with healthy bonds.

+ Pouch Solutions


Our Ostomy Care Solutions are first and foremost about meeting the needs of people living with an ostomy.

Every enhanced feature comes in response to insights gained from our research. Each product has been refined to help maximize performance for comfort, discreetness and security.

Ostomy Application

Ostomy System Application (DVD)
How to Size Your Stoma
ConvaTec Ostomy Application - Getting Started
Esteem+ Flex Convex Application Instructions
Esteem+ Moldable Pouch Application Instructions
Using the Invisiclose closure on ConvaTec ostomy pouches
How to Use Natura Accordion Skin Barriers
How to use Diamonds™ Gelling Sachets with Activeone™ Odor Control
How to Apply the Natura® Pouching System with ConvaTec Moldable Technology™
How to use ease™ Strips from ConvaTec to help secure your ostomy pouching system
How to Use AllKare Wipes

How to use Eakin Cohesive™ Seals
How to use Stomahesive® Paste
Using a Natura™ wafer with Moldable Technology
How to use AllKare® Wipes, Stomahesive® Paste, and Eakin Cohesive™ Seals
Esteem™ + One-Piece Moldable Application video
How to Apply the Esteem+™ Urostomy Pouch with Durahesive and Accuseal™ Tap
Crusting Tips and Tricks with Stomahesive Powder


Ostomysecrets® Underwear - How does it work?
Ostomysecrets® Wraps - How do they work?

me+TM Community

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Post-Ostomy Surgery: Taking a Flight
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Helpful Videos for Healthcare Professionals

eakin® Access Window™ Application Guide
eakin® Wound Pouch Application