Versatile primary dressing incorporating the unique gelling action of Hydrofiber® Technology for the management of exuding wounds.


Absorbent primary (for shallow wounds) or secondary dressing with carbon to manage odour problems.


Hydrocolloid based dressings and paste.

Foam Lite ConvaTec Dressings

Alginate dressing which promotes haemostasis and manages exudate in low to moderately exuding wounds.


SAF-® AF Dermal Wound Cleanser is a surfactant-containing formula that washes away debris that saline may leave behind. Its no-rinse formula saves time and its nozzle adjusts from stream to spray for varying wound cleansing needs.


Graduated compression products for effective, consistent management of leg ulcers and associated conditions.


The Unna-FLEX® Elastic Unna boot provides the benefit of an Unna boot without being rigid. It is indicated for the management of venous leg ulcers and associated conditions. It is contraindicated for the management of arterial and mixed venous/arterial leg ulcers. CAUTION: This product contains a natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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