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ConvaTec’s wide range of comfortable, secure pouch and skin barrier options allow you to find a system that works best for your ostomy type and lifestyle.

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Having an ostomy should not prevent you from swimming. Click here for some helpful tips to get you feeling confident in the water, whether it’s in your own backyard, pool, the beach or on a cruise. The me+ team is available to provide support and resources that may help you feel more confident at the pool or beach this year. Call 1-800-422-8811 (M-F, 8:30 AM-7:00 PM ET) or send us an email to CIC@convatec.com


The idea of taking long trips with an ostomy can seem daunting. But with a little extra preparation, you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Use the list here to help make packing for your next adventure a little easier.


Although it’s normal to feel sensitive about how an ostomy changes your body, meaningful and fulfilling intimate encounters can still be part of you and your partner’s lives. You may want to select a smaller pouch for intimate moments. If you’re still not sure, call our me+ team at 1-800-422-8811 for support, information and helpful resources


Having an ostomy should not prevent you from staying fit. People living with an ostomy include competitive distance runners, weight lifters, skiers, swimmers and many other amateur and professional athletes. ConvaTec offers a wide range of products for people who want to begin or return to an active lifestyle


Ostomy surgery is life changing in many ways. Like any major surgery, it can also be nerve-wracking—for you and your loved ones. The process of feeling comfortable living with your ostomy starts with understanding the procedure and what questions you should ask your healthcare team before surgery. We’re here to help you—now and every step of the way on your ostomy journey. Call our me+ services and care team at 1-800-422-8811 if you are preparing for or have recently had ostomy surgery.


Learning how to sleep again may sound odd. After all, we’ve been sleeping since the day we were born. But when you have a stoma, your old sleep positions may need a little adjustment. Click here to read some tips for sleeping with an ostomy. Check out pouching options below that may help you achieve a restful night's sleep.