Introducing ConvaTec's New Ostomy Solutions Algorithm™ App

ConvaTec's Ostomy Solutions Algorithm™ App

Developed by WOC nurses to help bedside nurses deliver quality, safe and consistent ostomy care.

Want to improve clinical and economic outcomes for your ostomy patients? Link treatment and prevention protocols with the new Ostomy Solutions Algorithm App. 

The simple Six-Step Ostomy Solutions App provides:

  • Color- and picture-driven program to assist bedside nurses
  • Guidance to assess stoma and peristomal skin characteristics
  • Safe, evidence-based specific treatment plans for individual patients
  • Helpful ostomy tips, discharge support and application tips


Clinical Advantages:

  • Product use is correlated to the clinical process and evidence, leading to more effective clinical outcomes.
  • Troubleshoots and alerts when issues arise, making it easier to identify the appropriate clinical pathway creating stronger staff and patient satisfaction.
  • Since an expert is not always available, standardization of care using the evidenced based pathway increases confidence in the resolution of ostomy issues the patient might experience. 


Financial Benefits

  • Effective way to create standardization of products through standardization of Clinical Pathways
  • Ensures more effective and appropriate use of product features and benefits creating better clinical outcomes

The right product at the right time on the right patient.


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