Concierge Specialist Team

Patient Support Information

Our me+ Concierge team can assist healthcare professionals with:

  • Personalized support
  • Enrolling your patients into the me+™ program
  • Providing a me+ starter kit and free product samples for your patients


Help your patients get the support they need. Contact your me+ Concierge specialist at 1-877-585-0470 or email


Prior to joining the me+ Concierge team Lauren worked as an EMT. She has always had a passion for working in the medical field and being able to impact people’s lives and joining the me+ Concierge team nearly 5 years ago, she is able to do both. Lauren also looks forward to the variety her role brings, the day-to-day interactions, conversations with clinicians or patients, she never knows what the day will bring but that only gets her more excited. From being able to provide education on the use of ConvaTec products, to introducing the broad range of services available, or to facilitating connections with suppliers, she is always eager to make a difference. Lauren wholeheartedly believes in caring for people, one of the values at ConvaTec, and improving the lives of the people we touch with high quality products and services.

Lauren Brown - Headshot

Meet Lauren Brown

"I value being able to recommend solutions that can help improve patients lives, provide support and give someone hope."

Tina Hrinko - headshot

Meet Tina Hrinko

“Knowing that we support patients and families through an emotionally trying time is one of the many reasons why I love my job. ”

Tina joined the me+ Concierge team nearly 10 years ago and was drawn to ConvaTec's philosophy of putting the patient first. She has a great respect for being able to share leading products and resources in this industry and being a part of the me+ Concierge team allowed her to do so. She is the first point of contact for healthcare professionals who want to learn more about the me+ program and all it has to offer. Tina values building relationships with these clinicians and being an integral part of improving their patients experience living with an ostomy. She knows how emotional it can be for patients and families but knows the impact of her role and with the me+ services and products, she can make all the difference.

Michelle wanted to take on a big task when she joined the me+ Concierge team 13 years ago. She knows living with an ostomy can be challenging, but she knew she could make an impact to change that. She wanted to be a part of making someone's ostomy journey as comfortable as possible. She takes pride in working with clinicians to ensure their patients are in the proper products, using the right accessories for their needs and have access to all the me+ resources ConvaTec offers. She truly wants to make a difference knowing that people who live with an ostomy can enjoy life freely and with confidence.

Michelle Miller - Headshot

Meet Michelle Miller

“My goal is to make the consumers enjoy life again.”

Tatum Walser

Meet Tatum Walser

“Having ostomy surgery is life changing and being able to support and make this journey a little easier is an incredible thing to be a part of. ”

Tatum had just graduated college the same week she joined the me+ Concierge team nearly six years ago. She knew she wanted to work for a company where she felt valued as well as could provide value to others. Tatum works directly with healthcare professionals to help determine the right product for their patients' individual lifestyles and then provides the relevant education and resources through the me+ program. She knows adjusting to life after ostomy surgery has its challenges but in her role, she is making an impact every day with the connections she makes. She finds it so rewarding when she hears from one of her clinicians who tell her a patient was able to use one of our products with great results. "It truly is a great feeling," Tatum says.

After 3 years of supporting patients through the me+™ program, Mandie joined the Concierge team in 2021.  For Mandie, the Concierge journey began with developing new relationships with clinicians and evolved into partnering with them to support their patients. Whether speaking to a nurse or patient, she believes that conveying compassion, kindness, and a smile to show that you care is the key to success. 

Mandie Wasik me+ concierge

Meet Mandie Wasik

“My true passion is helping the patient find the right product for them so that they can get back to their everyday life without worry ”

Rhianna Halley, me+ concierge

Meet Rhianna Halley

“I want every patient to be seen for their individually needs and be met with compassion and support at every turn. We have that with our Me+ program and I couldn’t be prouder to be apart of that! ”

Prior to joining Convatec, Rhianna worked in customer support and administration in the Transportation industry, bringing with her a strong passion for helping people. Rhianna started on the me+ support team in late 2020 when customer interaction was at its peak and immediately fall in love with the me+ team. The drive to support patient’s going through their ostomy journey was so profound that she knew she had found her place. Rhianna shares, "that year I spent talking to the patient and listen to their individual journeys was so rewarding. Now working on the concierge team, being able to help clinicians in creating a solid support system for their patients from the very beginning is so fulfilling."

Wynter comes to the concierge team following more than 6 years working directly with patients on the me+ support team. During her time on the me+ team, she assisted with product training for new employees and became a specialist for the Ostomysecrets® apparel line. With so much experience speaking with people living with an ostomy, she understands that ostomy surgery is life changing. The products and support that patients need has a huge effect on the quality of their everyday life. As a concierge team member, I am able to share with HCPS information about services and products to support patients on their ostomy journey. Wynter shares that, "forever caring about our patients is at the forefront of what I do every day."

Wynter Stevens, me+ Concierge

Meet Wynter Stevens

“The best part of being on the concierge team is helping nurses assist patients in getting the best possible products for their lifestyle.”

Matt D me+ concierge manager

Meet Matt Deal

“It has been a blessing to provide the products and support ostomy patients need to overcome obstacles and live their lives to the fullest.”

Matt is the manager of the me+ Concierge team and started his work in ostomy care over 10 years ago as a shipping specialist in the 180 Medical Warehouse. He also spent time on the customer facing me+ support team as a supervisor, ensuring the best product experience for people living with an ostomy. He found that his  passion in life was helping ostomy patients turn their lives around by providing education, support, and the resources they would need to be successful. During his 10 year journey helping ostomy patients, Matt has gained an unbelievable appreciation for the trials and tribulations ostomy patients experience on a daily basis. 

To connect with your me+ Concierge Specialist, call 1-877-585-0470 or email