Helping Your Patients Recover From Ostomy Surgery

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Helping Your Patients Recover From Ostomy Surgery

About me+™ Recovery Series

The me+™ recovery series, provides information and support about the importance of movement and physical activity after ostomy surgery.

Many patients are worried about harming themselves by doing physical activity, when in fact there are so many benefits to being active. To address this, we developed the me+ recovery series which is based-on gentle movements - guiding users through their recovery after ostomy surgery and beyond.

The me+ recovery series provides patients important information on:

  • Lifting and moving safely
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor
  • A 3-phase core and abdominal series.

The me+™ recovery series consists a host of materials including: three phases of recovery handbooks with a progression of gentle movements and a complementary collection of videos.

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Implementing me+ Recovery Series into your practice

Download this helpful infographic for implementing the me+™ Recovery Series into your practice.

As part of the me+ program, ConvaTec offers a movement and recovery series designed to help guide your patients through their recovery after ostomy surgery and improve long term success. 

To learn more or enroll your patient in me+, call 1-800-422-8811. 

[Webinar] Beyond the Surgery, Learn how to empower and support your patients through recovery

The me+™ Recovery series is designed to help guide patients, step-by-step, through their recovery after ostomy surgery. Focusing on gentle core exercises, this three-phase series is a progressive set of movements that rehabilitates the abdominal muscles and encourages physical activity so that your patients can get back to living the lives they want.

Here's what you will learn:

  • The importance of active recovery after ostomy surgery
  • How to do each movement in the foundation phase*
  • Helpful tips to bring the me+ recovery series into your practice

*We suggest you have a chair, couch or floor space available to participate