Improving Your Ostomy Care Routine Starts with 4 Steps

Understanding Accessories

Ostomy Product Information

Selecting an ostomy accessories

ostomy accessories skin preparation

How can I keep my skin healthy?

Try Sensi-Care™ Sting Free Barrier Spray or Wipes

Creates a protective layer that shields your skin from the damaging effects of adhesives, body waste and skin irritation.

What do I do when my skin is compromised?

Try Stomahesive® Protective Powder

This preparation may help form a protective barrier against excoriating discharge on compromised skin.

How can I improve the contact between adhesives and skin?

Try Sensi-Care™ Sting Free Barrier Wipes

Provides a barrier film layer on the skin that may help increase the contact or stick of adhesives to the skin.




ostomy accessories  skin preparation products

Solutions that promote healthy skin by protecting it from irritants and other skin damage.

ostomy accessories pouching support

What products will help even out the skin surface for the best pouch adherence?

Try eakin® Cohesive® Paste or Stomahesive® Paste

Use to fill crevices, skin folds and scars to help create an even pouching surface. This improves the likelihood of good adhesion and may help reduce the risk of leakage.

How do I get the best fit around the stoma to reduce leakage?

Try eakin® Cohesive® Seals

Acts as a filler for uneven skin surfaces and provides enhanced protection for hard-to-fit stomas.

What can be done for moisture in order to prevent Moisture Associated Skin Damage?

Try eakin® Cohesive® Seals

May help to absorb moisture and prevent it from coming into contact with the skin around your stoma.

ostomy accessories pouch support products

Products that help create the best fit around the stoma, prevent leakage and help level out the application surface area for better pouch performance.

ostomy accessories step 3

What can I use for additional support to keep the skin barrier in place?

Try ease™ Strips

Helps keep your skin barrier in place. ease™ Strips are thin, flexible, water-resistant and are designed to help you feel confident and secure.

What can help keep the seal around the stoma intact?

Try an Ostomy Appliance Belt

Used to assist the ostomy barrier with providing a seal around the stoma.

How can I keep my ostomy system in place during physical activity?

Try Ostomysecrets® Classic Wraps

The wicking fabric makes it perfect to wear during exercise, and it can also be worn at night or during intimate moments.





ostomy accessories added pouch security

An extra layer of protection to keep your ostomy system in place.

ostomy accessories step 4

What solution can I use to prevent painful appliance removal?

Try Sensi-Care™ Sting Free Skin Adhesive Releaser

Non-alcohol, silicone-based formula that offers quick release of adhesives from the skin and is designed to minimize painful skin stripping on removal.

How can I remove adhesive residue?

Try Sensi-Care™ Sting Free Remover Wipes

Removes adhesive residue from the skin. Usage with each appliance change prevents residue build-up.

ostomy pouch removal products

Solutions that promote healthy skin by protecting it from irritants and other skin damage caused by adhesives.


Improve Your Ostomy Care Routine with ConvaTec Accessories

Whether you are looking for better skin protection or added security to your ostomy system, with the right combination of accessories, you can feel even more comfortable and at ease.

Click the button below to request free accessory samples or a one-on-one evaluation with a me+™ product specialist or ostomy nurse.

Request ostomy accessory samples


Learn more about accessories by watching these application videos.

How to use ease™ Strips
How to Use Sensi-Care™ Sting Free Wipes
How to use Stomahesive® Paste

Connect with a qualified retailer to find out if your insurance will cover these accessories.

contact ConvaTec about Ostomy Accessories

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