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ease™ strips

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ease™ Strips help keep your skin barrier in place.

ease Strips On Barrier
Secure - Helps keep your skin barrier in place
Skin friendly 
Water Resistant - Designed to be used for both swimming and bathing
Flexible and thin - Designed to move with you
Easy application - Curved to be used with any ostomy system

Are you always checking your ostomy system? 

ease™ Strips may make you feel more confident and secure with your pouching system and will work for most people living with an ostomy. 

They might be used for:

  • Water activities like swimming
  • Physical activities like walking or running
  • Returning to work confidently
  • On a date following ostomy surgery

Watch the video here to learn more about how to apply ease strips with your pouching system. ⇒

How to use ease™ Strips from ConvaTec to help secure your ostomy pouching system