Why would you consider a ConvaTec convex solution?

  • You experience leakage
  • Your stoma is flush or retracted
  • Your abdomen tone has changed

What is Convexity?

  • Convexity is the outward curving of the baseplate or skin barrier.2, 3
  • Convexity applies a uniform pressure to the immediate peristomal skin, improving the projection of the stoma for drainage.4
  • Convexity helps maintain a secure seal between the pouch and the skin.5

When to Use Convexity

Flush Stomas

Located at the same level as the abdomen skin surface, and does not protrude 6

Retracted Stomas

Stoma pulled into the abdomen below skin level or having little or no spout 7

Skin Folds

A stoma which is deep in a skin fold/crease 5

Soft or Flaccid Abdomens

An abdomen requiring firm level of support to stabilize the pouching system 6

Characteristics of Convexity


Firm/Rigid Convexity

Typically used on soft or flaccid abdomens.

Soft Convexity

Typically used on firm or toned abdomens.


Height of the convex plateau.

Deep or Shallow

Plateau Width

Distance across the raised flat surface from edge-to-edge.

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