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Reduce your risk of developing a parastomal hernia

Did you know?

An estimated 20-30% of people will develop a parastomal hernia following ostomy surgery, with 25% of those requiring further surgery.1,2 The following may reduce your risk of developing a parastomal hernia3:

Manage your weight

Being overweight is one of the biggest causes of parastomal hernia, as additional weight causes pressure to push on the abdominal wall.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles

People with weak abdominal muscles are more likely to develop a hernia. Always check with your physician before beginning a new exercise regime.

Wear a light support garment

To help boost your confidence while maintaining an active lifestyle. Ostomysecrets® offers a line of apparel and undergarments that help conceal and support your ostomy pouch.

Stay active

To maintain general physical well-being. 

Maintain strong muscles

That help you lift and move more safely, therefore protecting your abdomen. Start with your arms.

Be careful when lifting

When you lift or carry anything, do it safely and with good technique.

Adapt exercises and daily activities

To make sure they’re appropriate. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise regimen or daily activity. 

Stop smoking.

Having an ostomy can feel so overwhelming.

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