Living with an Ostomy

ConvaTec Supports Ostomy Awareness Day

Through your puchase of Ostomy Awareness Day t-shirts, we were able to donate $3,500 to UOAA. It couldn’t have happened without support from the me+™ community.


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me+™ community

Meet Jearlean

As an accomplished fashion model—and a double ostomate—she’s spent nearly 20 years camouflaging her pouches from the camera. That was easy, she says, compared to hiding the hurt and embarrassment she felt as a young child who was very different from all her friends.

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Meet Dana

Intuitively, Dana Marie Gatziolis knew that life after ostomy surgery could mean one of two things. She could either choose to live in fear and feel victimized by her disease, or she could choose to lean into love and allow her wounds to transform her.

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"My ostomy fits my life, not the other way around."
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