Stoma Measuring Guidance

Stoma Measuring Guidance

With the increased use of telehealth and video tools for treating patients, you may be required to measure your patients stoma virtually. The following tips and tools may make this process easier. 

Your patient may have a measuring guide that came with their products or product samples. If they do not have one of these guides, you can download a printable guide below. Be sure to follow the printing instructions so that it prints to scale. 

  1. They should begin by removing their old appliance and cleaning the periostomal skin.
  2. Using the ostomy measuring guide (printed or provided with product), they need to find the hole they think is their stoma size.
  3. Instruct them to slide the guide over the stoma. The measuring guide hole should be as close as it can get to but not touch the stoma.
  4. If the stoma is oval, they will need to take the widest measurement and the narrower measurement.


If they do not have a measuring guide or access to print, that's ok. You can use coins to help them find their size. 

  1. Again, they should begin by removing their old appliance and cleaning the peristomal skin. 
  2. They should take various coins and hold them up to their stoma to find the one that most closely matches their stoma size. 
  3. They might need to try several coins, for instance a quarter, a nickel and a dime. 
  4. A coin comparison guide is available for you below.

If you have further questions about techniques for best serving your patients through telehealth, contact the me+ Ostomy Nurse team at 1-800-422-8811 or  

Learn more about products and services available from ConvaTec, designed to help you support your ostomy patients, by calling your me+ Concierge at 1-877-585-0470. 


Print at home ostomy measuring guide with printing instructions

Printable Ostomy Measuring Guide

Be sure to use the printing instructions on the document to ensure printing is to scale.

Stoma Measurement Coin Comparison Chart, Measuring Guide

Measuring Stoma with Coin Comparison

This helpful coin comparison chart may be helpful when measuring your patients stoma virtually.

Certified WOC Nurse, Rene, provides tips and tools for measuring your patients stoma through telehealth, video or other virtual channels.