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Esteem™+ Flex and Soft Convex are part of the Esteem™+ one-piece convex portfolio which offers a range of products designed to address different stoma shapes and sizes.

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What is convexity?

There are two types of skin barriers within ostomy pouching systems1:

  • Flat - a skin barrier which is flat against the skin surface.
  • Convex - an outward curving of the skin barrier towards the skin.2,3

All bodies are different. Convex skin barriers are designed to help manage irregular stomas and abdomens to help reduce leakage and simplify stoma management.

  • Convexity applies a uniform pressure to the immediate peristomal skin, improving the projection of the stoma for drainage.4 
  • Convexity helps maintain a secure seal between the pouch and the skin.5

The Esteem™+ Flex convex system combines the comfort and freedom of flexibility with the firmness of convexity. The Esteem™+ Soft convex system combines flexibility with a shallow convexity.​

Flex Convex

The preferred convexity for skin folds or creases and flush, protruding and retracted stomas.

Designed with confidence and security in mind with a choice of innovative features. Flexible convexity fits and moves with the contours of the body for comfort and easy positioning. Includes strong, skin-friendly adhesives with cut-to-fit and pre-cut options. Available in a choice of closed, drainable and urostomy pouches.

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Soft Convex

The preferred convexity for firm or toned abdomens and flush or protruding stomas.

Soft convexity designed with a shallow profile which minimizes pressure. Conforms well to the body and is comfortable to wear. Includes strong, skin-friendly adhesives in cut-to-fit drainable pouch options. 

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Think convexity may be right for you?

Are you experiencing leakage?

Does your stoma sit at or below skin level?

Do you have skin folds, creases or a soft abdomen? 

You may want to consider using a convex wafer. 


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