Marketing Compliance

Corporate Responsibility

Understanding healthcare marketing and the importance of complying with pertinent laws, regulations and guidelines is a necessity in today's healthcare industry. Our compliance with those laws, regulations and guidelines is not selective nor is it individualistic.

Everyone who works for ConvaTec is expected to be compliant with all laws and aligned with our professional conduct and ethical business practices. We respect the obligation of healthcare professionals to make independent decisions regarding patient care and product choices. We will be a sentinel in protecting this obligation.

As an industry leader, we are passionately committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior and to business practices that fully embody responsibility, integrity and trust. We are committed to ensuring that our interactions with healthcare professionals comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. This commitment is personified by our fulfillment of the requirements of the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) Code of Ethics, which is recognized by our display of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics logo.