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What is Primary Immune Deficiency?

The human immune system protects the body against infections. Immune deficiency disease occurs when part of the immune system does not function correctly or is absent.

Patients with primary immune deficiency lack immunoglobulins (antibodies), which are special proteins in the blood that fight infections and are important for a well-functioning immune system. Patients suffering from a primary immune deficiency often have a diminished quality of life as their susceptibility to infection increases significantly. However, with proper medical care, many patients live full and independent lives.

Immunoglobulin replacement therapy as treatment for primary immune deficiency

Immunoglobulin therapy is one of several effective medical therapies available to treat primary immune deficiency. To replace the missing immunoglobulins, extra immunoglobulins are prepared from the blood plasma from healthy donors and injected into the patient’s blood by infusion, administered subcutaneously or intravenously. This is replacement therapy and is necessary for the rest of the patient’s life.

Treatment frequency

Treatment frequency depends on the route of administration and the type of drug. The patient uses a mechanical or a battery-driven, syringe driver infusion pump to deliver a specified continuous amount of immunoglobulins over a self-administered period – either subcutaneously or intravenously.

Subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins with neria™ infusion sets

When subcutaneous infusion is preferred, neria™ infusion sets are the perfect option. The patient inserts an infusion set under the skin and connects it to the infusion pump. neria™ infusion sets are particularly well suited for the delivery of immunoglobulins, with a choice of multi-site infusion sets for larger volumes.

neria™ infusion sets are tested (in vitro) for use with immunoglobulin therapy1. The quality and careful design of neria™infusion sets make them an excellent choice for patients treated with immunoglobulins.

Clinical studies

Clinical studies showed that neria™ infusion sets helped minimize pain during insertion and reduced needle related traumas.2,3

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