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AQUACEL® Family of Dressings

AQUACEL® launched nearly 20 years ago with a breakthrough technology — Hydrofiber™.

Since then, we’ve never stopped innovating.

Today, the AQUACEL® family includes a wide range of wound dressings — including AQUACEL® Extra, AQUACEL® Foam, AQUACEL® Surgical and AQUACEL® Burn.

Our AQUACEL Ag dressings are the #1 anti-microbial dressings today¹, combining the infection-fighting power of ionic silver with the unique capabilities of Hydrofiber™.

1. Data on file,  ConvaTec Inc.

Hydrofiber™ Technology

How Hydrofiber Works

The gelling action creates an optimal environment for healing wounds and minimizes the risk of infection.

Explore our product pages to find out more about how we’ve used Hydrofiber™ Technology to build a new generation of dressings.

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Hydrofiber® Technology in Action - An Introduction


AQUACEL® Foam Pro is the only multilayered silicone foam dressing powered by Hydrofiber™ Technology.

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Only AQUACEL® Foam dressings offer comfort, simplicity and the healing benefits of an Hydrofiber™ contact layer.

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AQUACEL® Ag Surgical

Minimize infection and blistering and improve patient satisfaction with AQUACEL® Ag Surgical

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Flexibility in dressing sizes and designs including gloves — promotes patient mobility and satisfaction.

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