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AQUACEL® Extra’s innovative Hydrofiber® can help you make a real impact on the lives of people living with a wound.

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AQUACEL® Extra dressings optimise healing in acute and chronic wounds and reduce wound size and slough1. Convatec’s unique Hydrofiber® technology helps you manage wounds efficiently, increase patient comfort and reduce healing times2. With AQUACEL® Extra you can be confident you are delivering the highest standard of wound management while helping to reduce costs3.

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On contact with an exudating wound, AQUACEL® Extra’s Hydrofiber® expands and forms a cohesive gel which:

  • Balances moisture, preventing fluid spread and maceration4
  • Micro-contours to the wound bed, leaving NO GAPS5
  • Immobilises bacteria and MMPs, to aid tissue regeneration6
  • Draws fluid away from wound bed, by vertical wicking7
  • De-sloughs the wound bed,reducing infection and inflammation6
  • Aids autolytic debridement, creating a cleaner wound bed8


In just 14 days, 89% of wounds healed or were improving

Real Performance

Real evidence

AQUACEL® Extra’s proven effectiveness has been documented in 100+ published papers, including 23 randomised controlled trials.

See the latest publication on the impact AQUACEL® Extra had on 1093 patients with acute and hard-to-heal wounds in community

On average 81.1% of wounds shown to heal or improve within 14 days

Wound length



Wound width


(p 0.001)

Wound depth



Wound at Day 1, Assessment at Day 13, Final closure at Day 115

Case study

Subject aged over 70 years treated at home for a stage IV sacral pressure ulcer

Wound care objectives

  • Promote autolytic debridement and granulation
  • Reduce bacterial load
  • Manage exudate
  • Re-establish the integrity of the perilesional skin

Wound care protocol

  • Cleaning with soap and water irrigation with natural saline solution (e.g. Irriclens®)
  • AQUACEL® Extra 12.5 x 12.5 cm + AQUACEL® Foam Sacral Large Initial daily dressing changes for mechanical debridement


Benefits observed:

  • Apparently complete healing in less than 4 months
  • Effective de-sloughing facilitating mechanical debridement
  • Good exudate management
  • Healthy edges and perilesional skin

Used for just 14 days AQUACEL® Extra led to


Reduction in slough1



Increase in granulation1



Increase in epithelialized tissue1



of patients with acute wounds experienced low pain levels.1


Made of 100% sustainable CMC8

Description Pack size Product code NHS Code PIP Code
AQUACEL® Extra™        
AQUACEL® Extra™ dressing 5cm x 5cm square 10 413566 ELY377 367-3282
AQUACEL® Extra™ dressing 10cm x 10cm square 10 413567 ELY378 367-3290
AQUACEL® Extra™ dressing 15cm x 15cm square 5 413568 ELY379 367-3308
AQUACEL® Extra™ dressing 4cm x 10cm rectangular 10 413569 ELY489 382-4760
AQUACEL® Extra™ dressing 4cm x 20cm rectangular 10 413598 ELY490 382-4778
AQUACEL® Extra™ dressing 4cm x 30cm rectangular 10 413599 ELY491 382-4786
AQUACEL® Ribbon™        
AQUACEL® Ribbon™ dressing 1cm x 45cm 5 420127 ELY368 361-5978
AQUACEL® Ribbon™ dressing 2cm x 45cm 5 S7503 ELY013 240-8565

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