Spring Time

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by Jo Hunt

If ever there was a season full of promise it is Spring. From the first pure white snowdrop pushing up through the dark earth there is a sense of excitement of what is to come. Purple crocus follow with bright yellow forsythia bursting along the stems ahead of the fresh green leaves. Everywhere there is a sense of expectation. Mother Nature is waking from her slumber, stretching in preparation for another year of wondrous achievement. The lull of winter is shaken off as birds start to return to our shores looking for a suitable spot to rear their young, there is sense of continuation that is comforting, a rolling programme that may digress from the path occasionally but the destination is always the same. No matter what has happened in the year before, storms, floods, drought, Mother Nature starts again. Every year there is progress that may not always be immediately noticeable. How often have you looked at a few bare sticks and then two years later it's a huge bushy shrub bursting with buds? You didn't necessarily see it happening but it did.

We are like shrubs. Every year we feel the warmth of the Spring sunshine and it makes us determined to make progress in the year that follows, the sluggish fog of winter is pushed aside as we strive to bloom. Each of us has our own problems to overcome whether it be health, family, work, money and these can knock us back repeatedly. Resilient like the bulbs hidden beneath the earth, our strength isn't always visible until it is called upon. But every year we continue to grow, continue to bloom, continue to achieve. Sometimes your achievements might seem like a new potato compared to another's prize winning pumpkin but remember, they might not be able to grow potatoes. Take the promise of Spring and make it what you want, you can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to be determined. Your goal is no less than mine and mine no less than yours. Burst into life, be bright and cheerful even when you feel like you've been nibbled by slugs and you will be surprised at how energised you feel.

What do you want to do with this year? Travel? Go wild swimming? Join a choir? Learn a new language? Move house? Grow potatoes? Whatever it is it doesn't have to happen overnight but you can start planning now. Think of it like growing asparagus, it will be three years until you harvest but it will be so worth it.

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