Seasonal Mindfulness

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by Rosie Lawson

Rosie blog #1 Spring time

I am a yoga teacher who lives by the seasons. Loosely translated this means that I adjust my movement, diet and exercise to reflect the season that we are in.

Way back when we were farmers and lived on the land, we worked during the hours of daylight and went to bed when it was dark. We used the daylight hours to dictate our lives and activity.

Now, however we live in a 24 hour ‘on alert’ culture where we expect to have energy and often ask our body to respond to unrealistic expectations. We need to have ‘down time’ for our body and our mind.

So now as we move into season of spring, it’s a great time to start ‘clearing out’. We should spring clean our home and get rid of clutter. You know how amazing that feels when you have a big tidy out! It’s making space and it feels good to let go.

We should also do this with our minds. It’s a great time to look at old habits and situations, perhaps we have been holding onto which may be toxic and not bringing us joy. Sometimes letting go is more powerful than hanging on in there. It can free us and make space for positive energy. This may be a time to forgive a person, event or situation over which you have no control over. It can be powerful, giving yourself control by forgiving and effectively freeing yourself. It doesn’t mean that what happened was acceptable it just means that you are no longer going to carry around the bad feeling that it can create every time we think of it and relive it by remembering and associating with the memory and how that makes us feel.

So, like cleaning your house and throwing out the rubbish and dirt, think of how powerful you will feel doing that with any situations which are messing up your mind.

So now we’ve looked at your mind let’s think about our body and how we can energise ourselves with movement.

So now the evenings are lighter think about having a walk. Maybe walk to the shop or get off the bus a stop earlier. If you can walk somewhere you can enjoy nature, maybe you can see the earth producing buds and the flowers starting to bloom. Admire the daffodils and the trees starting to produce their leaves and changing colour from stark greys to lots of shades of green. Smell the grass as we cut it for the first time. Look for the lambs jumping around, full of energy. Before you get up listen out for the dawn chorus, you may have a spot you can see them from a window.

When you connect in this way to nature we are energising ourselves through our senses feeding our spirit and opening your heart to new beginnings and possibilities.

Rosie Lawson is a Healthcare Development Manager for ConvaTec in Scotland, and yoga teacher.