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Dorothy Brodie

- Support group leader

Dorothy Brodie is a busy wife, Mum of two and support worker to 92 school children who also finds time
to run a local stoma support group in West Lothian in Scotland.

She had her ileostomy created 7 years ago following a pan-proctocolectomy due to Crohn’s Colitis. In summing up what it’s like to live with a stoma Dorothy says “my external plumbing has given me a new lease of life, doing things which previously would have had a lot of barriers against them.”

Dorothy is putting her experience to good use as our Education Advocate, delivering workshops and training days to people affected by stoma surgery. She joined the team because she believes "sometimes people need more information after surgery and who better to get it from than fellow ostomates?!”

Dorothy says “I’m now in my 50th year but feel younger than ever” and enjoys walking (much to the dismay of her children), visiting museums and art galleries, going to concerts and is learning British Sign Language.

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