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Angela Morgan

- Hammer Thrower

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Angela Morgan, aka Mossi, believes “Life is what you make it” and has adjusted well to life with a urostomy.

 Angela had her stoma formed in 2014 but it hasn’t stopped her from enjoying an important part of her life, athletics. Angela has competed at international level in hammer throwing and continues to coach throwing events at the athletics club in Eastbourne.

“Throwing the hammer, going to the gym, growing veg in my garden and reading” are all things Angela enjoys now, along with studying French at nightclass, officiating at athletics matches and teaching science part-time at a local prep school. Being such an active lady it’s just as well then that she’s found “there is very little difference between life before and after a stoma, except when Sid (my urostomy) decides to play up when changing my bag.”

Angela, 58, has this advice for others adjusting to life with a stoma – “you may have to adapt a few things, but you never know what you can do until you try it.”

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