The Amcare™ Group are dedicated providers of patient support services to the stoma and continence community, and have built a 30 year reputation based on the delivery of the highest quality homecare services.

The Amcare™ Group understand the absolute reliance placed on a first class, dependable, convenient and confidential service and the value in reinforcing this service with active support for the patient, their carers and the healthcare professionals that care for them. 

The Amcare™ Group operates from a number of regional customer Care Centres across the UK offering a personal and local community based service, with the strengths of a national company.

The Amcare™ Group will: 

  • Protect your privacy offering a personalised, discreet and confident service
  • Delivery on a day and to a place convenient for you
  • Post your products straight to your home or desired location in discreet packaging
  • Deliver all the items on your prescription
  • Send you timely reorder reminders
  • Help manage your stoma supply levels
  • Hand-cut prescription products at your requested size
  • Emergency supplies and samples as and when you need them
  • Complimentary products to help you organise your supplies



And, that's not all...

  • Complete support via telephone every time you call your Care Centre Team
  • Amcare™ Group Nurse support when needed
  • Access to our Product Specialist Team when needed
  • Online and over the phone support via the me+™ programme
  • The choice to arrange repeat monthly prescription deliveries; there is no need to worry about forgetting to reorder!
  • An annual product review by either your Stoma Care Nurse or one of our Amcare™ Group Nurses

Additional extras...

Never forget to order your monthly supplies... If for whatever reason we can not arrange a repeat order automatically or for peace of mind you would like to check your order. We can arrange a reminder call every month at your request.

Touch of care...

Our Amcare™ Group Nurses are on hand to support you with any stoma related issues. If you believe you would benefit from nurse advice or support, product assistance or education our Amcare™ Group nurses are always here to help.

To help you organise your supplies with minimum fuss you’ll be entitled to a range of complimentary items when you choose to use the Amcare™ Group delivery service.

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