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Infusion Care neria™

Neria Soft 90 fritskrabet

Therapeutic areas for subcutaneous infusion with neria™ infusion sets

neria™ infusion sets are subcutaneous infusion devices – in vitro tested and approved for drug infusion in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease¹, thalassaemia² and primary immune deficiency³ and pain management4,5 
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Subcutaneous drug delivery 

Subcutaneous infusion delivers medication over a longer period in the fatty tissue beneath the skin, where the medication is absorbed by the body. A needle penetrates the skin, leaving either the needle or a soft catheter to remain in the tissue, from a few hours up to 72 hours.  Needles and cannulae can vary in length, size, features and method of insertion.  Infusion sets eliminate the need for one or several daily injections of a specific drug.