Infusion Care neria™

Infusion Care neria™

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Infusion Care neria™ is specialised in infusion sets developed specifically for subcutaneous drug delivery, including apomorphine for Parkinson’s disease, immunoglobulins for primary immune deficiencies, deferal for thalassaemia (a rare blood disorder) and morphine for pain management. Infusion sets for these therapeutic areas are distributed under our brand name neria™.

The neria™ infusion sets can be used in different therapy areas and provide a number of features which support the use of the products for both patients and healthcare professionals: 

      Simplicity - Simple and easy-to-use features such as pre-attached adhesive 
      Comfort - Soft and flexible cannulae options and visual monitoring of sites 
      Safety - In vitro tested especially for subcutaneous use and drug compatible1,2,3,4,5 
      Efficacy - Strong double layer tubing with very low priming volumes 

Clinical studies have shown that neria™ infusion sets helped minimize pain during insertion and reduced needle related traumas.6,7 

neria and pump illustration