Travel Tips

Extra security precautions are being taken at airports and other transit hubs worldwide. A little pre-planning and understanding of both security rules and your right to privacy can help you avoid problems in transit and enjoy your travels.

In particular, remember that all airport screenings must be conducted with courtesy, dignity and respect. You may request screening in a private area at all Australian airports and most international destinations.

A few additional tips to keep you on the go:

  • Pre cut all barriers at home-this way you can leave your stoma care scissors in your checked luggage. After the events of September 11, security has been tightened in numerous international airports, making the carrying of scissors in your checked luggage more difficult.
  • Pack stoma care supplies in both your carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Take extra supplies, just in case they are not available at your destination.
  • Carry a statement from your stoma care nurse stating your need for stoma care supplies to show security, in case you are asked about your stoma care products.
  • If travelling to a foreign country, bring your important stoma care information written in the appropriate language. One of the 70 member associations of the International Stoma Association can be helpful with translations. This may help you locate supplies while travelling abroad.

Remember, all screening at airports must be conducted in a way that treats passengers with courtesy, dignity, and respect. You may request that any personal screening be conducted in a private area.


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