Avelle™ NPWT System

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For more than 20 years ConvaTec has been helping clinicians to improve patient outcomes,
enabling patients to move on with their lives through the use of Hydrofiber® Technology -
globally proven and trusted.

Hydrofiber® Technology


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Hydrofiber® Technology

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Gelling effect of Hydrofiber® Technology


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 Locks in wound exudate and traps bacteria1-3 to help

protect peri-wound skin and reduce maceration.4-5*

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Micro-contours to the wound bed, minimizing dead
space where bacteria can grow.6*

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Balances wound fluid levels through gelling to maintain
a moist wound healing environment.7*

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NPWT - Mechanism of Action8-9


  • Reduction in tissue oedema
  • Wound contraction via applied strain
  • Increased perfusion
  • Stimulation of angiogenesis
  • Formation of granulation tissue
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Avelle™ NPWT Pump and a Hydrofiber® Technology Dressing –
proven benefits of NPWT and moist wound healing10 combined




The Avelle™ NPWT Pump


The right NPWT pump and dressing combination can make the difference in supporting
wound closure and aiding patient recovery.


The disposable, single patient use
Avelle™ NPWT Pump:

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Delivers 80mmHg
(±20 mmHg)

Continuous therapy delivered
to the wound bed.

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Clinically cost effective
Health economic solution when
compared to 7-day devices.

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Up to 30-day lifespan
Versatile therapy delivery
across care settings.

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Small and portable
Ergonomic design to enhance
the patient experience.

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Single button operation
Ease of use, short
learning curve.




Improving patient comfort and quality of life with the
Avelle™ NPWT System

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Patients can disconnect the
pump and shower with the
dressing in place whilst
maintaining NPWT
for up to 1 hour.*

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Patients can stay active
whilst using the Avelle™
NPWT System to aid
recovery and rehabilitation.

Fluids are managed by the
Hydrofiber® Technology
dressing to prevent exudate
from soiling clothing.


The interactive
Avelle™ NPWT Dressing


The Hydrofiber® Difference

The Hydrofiber® technology interface and inner layers within the Avelle™ NPWT Dressing are specially engineered into an apertured design to allow negative pressure transmission through to the wound.*


Interactive Image.png


1. Perforated silicone adhesive borders
Specifically designed to secure the dressing in place while being gentle to the skin during

2. Hydrofiber® Technology wound contact layer
Stitch-bonded Hydrofiber® wound contact layer gels on contact with wound fluid and is
designed to maintain integrity on removal.11

3. Hydrofiber® Technology (8 layers)
Gel on contact with wound fluid and locks in bacteria within it.11,12* Fenestrations in the
Hydrofiber® Technology layers are designed to promote vertical fluid movement throughout the dressing.

4. Foam layer
 Aids distribution of negative pressure across the dressing and to the wound bed.

5. Soft port
Designed to minimise the risk of pressure damage.

6. Film layer
The backing film permits evaporation of exudate, aiding overall fluid handling while
providing a bacterial, viral and showerproof barrier.11