Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS

Fecal Incontinence



We listen to your clinical needs

Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS introduces a range of Nurse-Inspired improvements that demonstrate continuous innovation to address the needs of patients and caregivers. 

  • Sampling Port: Designed to help decrease risk of exposure to fecal matter.
  • Medication Delivery: Equipped to deliver medication rectally via the irrigation port.

Unique to Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS

  • SIGNAL™ indicator: aids in assuring a comfortable and customized seal.
  • Blue Finger insertion pocket: allows guidance of the retention balloon to ensure proper placement.
  • Charcoal-filtered bags: efficient venting system deodorizes air and automatically releases gas.

Comparative Videos

Removal Force Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS vs HOLLISTER INSTAFLO™ Video
Removal Force Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS vs Bard DigniShield™ Video
Splatter Test Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS vs HOLLISTER INSTAFLOT™ Video
Splatter Test Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS vs Bard DigniShield™ Video

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Customer Service

For more information or to order samples, please contact our customer service at 1-800-422-8811.


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