UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus Urine Meter

Continence Care

Helping to Optimize Nurse Safety and Functionality

  • Keeping nurses safe- and making their job easier- is a priority.
  • UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus urine meter has a range of features that can help reduce training time, and help optimise the nurse experience so they can focus on their patients.

In All Situations – For All Patients

  • During bed linen changes, patient transport and repositioning, the device can lie flat without losing measurement and without risk of retrograde infection.*

Proven in-vitro prevention of retrograde contamination ¹,²

In two separate in-vitro tests simulating use of the device, bacteria were not found at the bag to meter connection after seven days.1,2

  • Top-mounted chamber helps to minimise risk of ascending contamination and retrograde infection.*1,2
  • In-vitro testing demonstrates that the KombiKon™ needle free sample port maintains the barrier for bacterial contamination for at least 10 perforations3
  • The user centric design of UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus urine meter received the Gold Award at the European Design Effectiveness Awards (DBA).4

*As demonstrated in-vitro



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UnoMeter™ Safeti™ Plus Urine Meter
Proven in vitro prevention of retrograde contamination


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