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Find information on our innovative products and request your free samples. Discover answers to some of the most commonly asked cathing questions and create your own personalized video guide for self-cathing. Learn from a community of people in similar situations to you, including stories from other users.

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ConvaTec now offers Cure Medical intermittent catheters. Cure Medical intermittent catheters have been designed to increase comfort, safety, and ease of use. Product enhancements such as polished eyelets, easy-open packaging, and coude tips with control stripe are among the many user driven innovations found in Cure Medical products.

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GentleCath™ offers a range of different products for different catheter user needs.

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GentleCath™ Custom Video Guide

Create a personalized video with step-by-step instructions and tips tailored to you.

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With Cure Medical's product portfolio, you have options! From the latest closed-system catheters to ready-to-use compact catheters we have the product solutions for you.

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