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FoamLite™ ConvaTec Dressings

Designed specifically for the management of low to non-exuding chronic and acute wounds. FoamLite™ ConvaTec dressing is a thin Foam dressing with a breathable film and perforated, gentle, skin friendly silicone adhesive.†1

FoamLite™ ConvaTec dressing is flexible and conforms†1 to the body even in awkward to dress positions. FoamLite™ ConvaTec dressing is also gentle and suitable for use on fragile skin for elderly patients.

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FoamLite™ ConvaTec dressing




Soft to touch dressing film. The outer film provides a waterproof, viral and bacterial barrier†


Perforated, gentle, skin-friendly silicone adhesive, easy to apply, re-position1 and atraumatic to the wound and periwound skin upon removal†2


Thin, flexible, soft Foam layer designed to absorb low exudate levels and helping maintain a moist wound healing environment†1

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Soft and conformable†1

FoamLite ConvaTec Dressing

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