Absorbency and Compression

ConvaMax™ Superabsorber

ConvaMax™ has high absorbency and absorbency under compression

Fluid absorption

Wound exudate from chronic wounds can be corrosive to the wound bed and intact skin surrounding the wound. ConvaMax™ absorbs high levels of exudate, locking it in the core of the dressing away from the wound.

ConvaMax™ average Absorbency 174g/100cm2

ConvaMax Free Swell Absorbency Chart - web

ConvaMax™ under compression out performs all key competitors tested

Fluid absorption under compression

ConvaMax™ can absorb and retain fluid while under standard 40mmHg of compression, a commonly used therapy, particularly on lower limb wounds or weeping oedema.

ConvaMax™ Absorbency 108g/100cm

ConvaMax Absorbency Under Compression Chat Web

Data reference:
In-Vitro Performance Characteristics of ConvaMax™, WHRI6045 MS161, ConvaTec




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