Clinical and Financial Efficiency for Home Care

Clinical Support


ConvaTec evidence-based products and standardized protocols can help you improve clinical outcomes while saving time and money.

  • Products to save time and money by improving clinical outcomes.
  • Solutions® Algorithms for Skin and Wound Careprovides you with a series of standardized, content-validated guidelines that can positively influence treatment and cost-effectiveness.
    • Also available: Expert Guide, interactive tools, and a Customer Implementation Guide
    • Clinical efficiency

      Comparison of healing times with conventional treatment and standardized protocols:1
      Condition Healing Times
        Conventional Treatment Standardized Protocols
      Diabetic foot ulcer 174 weeks 10 weeks
      Venous ulcer 105 weeks 6 weeks
      Pressure ulcer 172 weeks 7.3 weeks
      Surgical wound 29 weeks 3 weeks
      A review of conventional vs standardized would care protocols of care between 1999 and 2003 using a ConvaTec formulary and protocols adapted from Solutions® Algorithms for Skin and Wound Care.
    • Financial efficiency

      Comparison of labor and material cost used in conventional treatment and standardized protocols:1

  • Evidence-based education and tools
    • Physician Marketing Assistance to engage physicians in learning about the benefits of modern wound care
    • Strong, ongoing relationships with distributors to ensure timely access to products
    • Comprehensive wound assessment and documentation training
    • Challenging Wound Care Cases presentation
    • Comprehensive product in-servicing
    • Wound Classifications and Interventions Program


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