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  • Improve patient outcomes while remaining efficient and cost-effective


  • Public Policy Issues
  • Clinical and Financial Efficiency

New Medicare requirements-in addition to coding complications and errors-can affect your bottom line

Performance on publicly reported OASIS outcome measures will affect an agency's reputation and will ultimately affect payments under the pay-for-performance model

Failure to report on the two OASIS criteria will result in a 2% reduction in annual payment updates for each year the measures remain unreported

Targeting and improving key outcomes-with standardized, evidence-based protocols and products-will be key to successfully navigating in a pay-for-performance environment

Integrating modern wound care and standardized protocols in order to achieve improved outcomes and reduce clinical practice variations

Evidence-based protocols impact clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness

  • Healing time
  • Number of visits
  • Consumption of material

Cost comparison of saline/gauze and advanced moist wound dressing:

  Saline/gauze Advanced moist
wound dressing
Cost per dressing change $ 2.91 $ 11.52
Dressing changes Twice daily Three times a week
Material cost per week $ 40.74 $ 34.56
Cost of 1 nursing visit $ 100.00 $ 100.00
Wound reduction after 4 weeks 50% 100%
Cost for 4 weeks of care
(including materials and labor)
$ 5,762.96 $ 1,338.24
Adapted with permission from Ostomy Wound Management. Kingsley A. The wound infection continuum and its application to clinical practice. Ostomy Wound Manage. 2003;49(7Asuppl):1-7.

Instead of using advanced moist wound dressings, many physicians rely on gauze (wet-to-dry) dressings, which:

  • Can cause patient discomfort
  • Require more labor; more frequent changing helps to maintain moist optimal healing environment, but can also damage delicate wound tissue
  • Provide no physical barrier against external bacteria

Clinical efficiency may lead to improved outcomes and cost-effective treatment


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