Avelle™ NPWT System

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Engineered to Optimize Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Combined with 8-layered Hydrofiber® Technology, the Avelle™ NPWT System has proven benefits of NPWT & maintaining a optimal environment for wound healing1

Avelle Pump & Dressing

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The Power of Two: NPWT + Hydrofiber® Technology

NPWT - Mechanism of Action:2-3

  • Reduction in tissue edema
  • Wound contraction via applied strain
  • Increased perfusion
  • Stimulation of angiogenesis
  • Formation of granulation tissue

Avelle NPWT illustration

*As demonstrated in-vitro.

Hydrofiber® Technology:

  • Locks in wound exudate and traps bacteria4-6 to help protect peri-wound skin and reduce
  • Micro-contours to the wound bed, minimizing dead space where bacteria can grow.9*
  • Balances wound fluid levels through gelling to maintain a moist wound healing environment.10*

Hydrofiber Technology Illustration

Hydrofiber® Technology Gelling Effect

The Interactive Avelle NPWT Dressing

Avelle Dressing Only / US Labels
  • Perforated silicone adhesive borders: Specifically designed to secure the dressing in place while being gentle to the skin during removal.
  • Film layer: The backing film permits evaporation of exudate, aiding overall fluid handling while providing a bacterial, viral and showerproof barrier.11
  • Foam layer: Aids distribution of negative pressure across the dressing and to the wound bed.
  • Hydrofiber® Technology wound contact layer: Stitch-bonded Hydrofiber® wound contact layer gels on contact with wound fluid and is designed to maintain integrity on removal.11
  • 8-Layered Hydrofiber® Technology: Gels on contact with wound fluid and locks in bacteria within it.11,12 Fenestrations in the Hydrofiber® Technology layers are designed to promote vertical fluid movement throughout the dressing.
  • Soft-port: Designed to minimize the risk of pressure damage.

The Avelle NPWT Pump

The right NPWT pump and dressing combination can make the difference in supporting wound closure and aiding patient recovery.

Up to 30-day lifespan
Versatile therapy delivery across care settings.

Single button operation
Ease of use, short learning curve.

Delivers 80 mmHg (±20 mmHg)
Continuous therapy delivered to the wound bed.

Shower Safe
Patients can shower with the dressing in place by disconnecting the pump while maintaining NPWT for up to 1 hour.*

*As demonstrated in-vitro.
† Battery change may be required during pump lifetime



Avelle Pump / US labels

Continuous Negative Pressure

The Avelle™ NPWT System is designed to produce a continuous negative pressure of 80 mmHg (±20 mmHg) across the wound surface. In-vitro studies demonstrate13 that:

PROVEN: Negative pressure 80 mmHg (±20 mmHg) delivered through the hydrated Hydrofiber® Technology Dressing to the simulated wound bed through 4 layers of AQUACEL® Extra Dressing to a depth of 2 cm over 7 days.

Maintenance of Negative Pressure

In-vitro testing13 demonstrates one-way valve within the airway luer lock connector maintains pressure after removing the pump from the dressing after 1 hour ± 10 mmHg.

Continuous Pressure - Avelle