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AQUACEL® Family of Dressings

When Exposure Leads to Breakdown

Shearing force - friction keeps the skin in place against the support surface while gravity forces the patient's body to the foot of the bed.3

Adapted from Loeper JM et al: Therapeutic positioning and skin care. Minneapolis, 1986, Sister Kenny institute.

Friction and shear forces cause damage to skin and tissue1

  • Friction can result in redness, inflammation and sometimes blistering and can be caused by movement of a patient across surfaces such as clothes or bed linen.1
  • Shear forces can result in deformation of skin and tissues, occlusion of blood vessels and ischemia-induced damage.1

Excess moisture makes skin more susceptible to damage from shear forces

  • Perspiration, feces, and urine are all common sources of excess moisture.2

The NPUAP Guidelines Recommend Considering the Following When Selecting a Foam Dressing4



  • Consider the ability of the dressing to manage skin microclimate

Ease of application

  • Consider the ease of application and removal
  • Consider the ability to regularly assess the skin

AQUACEL® Foam Pro Benefits

Helps Protect from Friction and Shear

  • AQUACEL® Foam Pro is a multilayered dressing designed to help reduce the effects of shear forces and friction*†5


Helps Defend Against Moisture

  • AQUACEL® Foam Pro dressing film provides a bacterial and viral barrier which protects the wound from external contaminants*5.6
  • It is water/shower proof*5


Helps Maintain Healthy Skin Microclimate

  • AQUACEL® layer helps provide a healthy skin microclimate by absorbing and locking away excess moisture from the skin.*†5,6


Easy to Apply

  • Perforated gentle silicone adhesive layer provides secure, skin-friendly adhesion*5
  • Allows the dressing to be repositioned following skin assessment*5


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