Protect. Defend. Nurture.

AQUACEL® Family of Dressings

Designed to Help Protect the Skin from Breakdown

AQUACEL® Foam Pro dressing is designed to protect the skin from breakdown caused by moisture, friction, and shear forces when used as part of a protocol of care.†*5 When exposure leads to skin breakdown, learn how AQUACEL® Foam Pro dressings can help protect, defend, and nurture potentially damaged skin.


A. Protect Top Layer

  • Smooth, breathable, waterproof film helps minimize shear and friction*†5 e.g. between bed linens & dressing
  • Enables easy cleaning of the dressing which may reduce dressing changes

B. Soft Foam
C. Binding Layer
D. Hydrofiber® Layer 

  • Multilayered silicone foam powered by Hydrofiber® Technology helps provide a healthy skin microclimate by absorbing and locking away excess moisture from the skin*†5,6

E. Gentle Silicone Adhesive Layer

  • Perforated gentle silicone adhesive layer allows easy application and removal*5
  • Adhesive does not stick to itself*5

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With over 20 years of innovation Convatec's Hydrofiber® Technology gives AQUACEL® dressings powerful capabilities.

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Trust the AQUACEL® Foam Family of Dressings for your wound management needs