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Prevention is Better Than Cure

Building on the AQUACEL® Ag Surgical platform is a next-generation post-op dressing. AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Surgical, which combines Convatec’s proprietary Hydrofiber Technology and hydrocolloid technologies with our NEW MORE THAN SILVER™ Technology - a unique antimicrobial formula which enhances the power of ionic silver.

The first step in the treatment of Surgical Site Complications is their prevention.

Despite increasing infection control practices and advanced preventative steps, like ventilation, surgical technique, and sterilization methods, post-operative Surgical Site Complications (SSCs) have a huge impact across all surgeries and remain a significant cause of morbidity, prolonged hospitalization, and death.1

Your post-op dressing selection can be the difference between healthy healing and an infected surgical site.2

AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Surgical helps improve outcomes by creating an optimum healing environment and providing fast broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against SSI causing pathogens.

AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Surgical has a critical difference: a dynamic blend of our Hydrofiber® and MORE THAN SILVER™ technology.

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The Hydrofiber® Difference.

Hydrofiber® Technology is an interactive wound contact layer specially engineered to optimize moist wound healing, which is combined with MORE THAN SILVER™ Technology. Hydrofiber® Technology is proven to demonstrate limiting levels of inflammation, which improves the healing process, resulting in good scar quality.3

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The antimicrobial power of MORE THAN SILVER™

AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Surgical with MORE THAN SILVER™ Technology enables a faster reduction in SSI causing bacteria when compared to just ionic silver. MORE THAN SILVER™ is a unique formulation of ionic silver together with a surfactant and metal chelating agent.4 These three components work synergistically to enhance the antimicrobial efficacy of ionic silver for:

  • Faster reduction of bacteria4
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy5-7
  • Sustained antimicrobial activity5-7
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AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Surgical post-op dressing could help you, your hospital, and your patients reduce:

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Not all post-op dressings are created equal: get the post-op Advantage

From orthopedic surgery to c-sections, vascular surgery to cardiothoracic surgery, and more, you can rely upon AQUACEL® Ag Advantage Surgical to manage bacteria, minimize the risk of infection, and create an optimal healing environment.

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