AQUACEL® Dressing for leg ulcers


AQUACEL® Dressing offers the unique gelling action of Hydrofiber® Technology that absorbs and locks in exudate and bacteria. 1

*Artist's interpretation

Hydrofiber® Technology drives the outstanding capabilities of AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber ® Wound Dressing .

Because AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber® Wound Dressing incorporates Hydrofiber® Technology, it:

  • Provides excellent absorption and retention capabilities for moderate to highly exuding wounds2
  • Conforms to the wound surface to form an intimate contacta,3
  • Helps reduce wound pain while the dressing is in situ and upon removal.4-7
  • Supports wound healing by providing a moist wound healing environment


*Artist's interpretation

Harding, et al. 2001

In a randomized controlled trial of 131 patients, comparing AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber ® Wound Dressing versus an alginate dressing, the following was observed8:

  • The mean wear time was significantly greater in the AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber ® Wound Dressing group versus the alginate dressing group (P<0.001)
  • Of the patients who healed, those in the AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber ® Wound Dressing group healed 14 days faster than those in the alginate group (P=0.053)
  • Ease of removal was rated by the investigator as excellent in 51% of the AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber ® Wound Dressing group versus 24% in the alginate group (P=0.006)
  • Ability to contain exudate was rated by the investigator excellent in 44% of the AQUACEL ® Hydrofiber ® Wound Dressing group compared to 20% in the alginate group (P=0.002)

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